How to Download MEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is one of the largest electric power distribution companies in Pakistan. It is the only electric power distribution company whose area touches three provinces of Pakistan.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how you can download a duplicate copy of your MEPCO bill online. It is really very easy. Just follow these steps.

How to Check MEPCO Duplicate Bill Online?

Enter the following website address in the address bar of your web browser (see Figure 1) or you can just click on this link given below:

Entering mepco website address in address bar of Google Chrome web browser
Figure 1: Entering MEPCO website address in address bar of Google Chrome web browser

If you have clicked on this link, the website will open in a new tab.

When the MEPCO website has opened, scroll down a little and click on the “Duplicate Bills for Consumers” text box in the lower right corner of the screen (see Figure 2).

MEPCO Website Home page
Figure 2: MEPCO Website Home page. Click on “Duplicate Bills for Consumers” text box

This will open a new website in the same web browser tab. This website doesn’t have a name. It’s just an IP address and port number.

As of writing this article, here is the address of this website: It looks like this website is being managed by Power Information Technology Company. Well, we are not interested in this company, we are only interested in downloading our duplicate bill. Let’s focus on the web page (see Figure 3).

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Website being managed by PITC. Enter your reference number.
Figure 3: MEPCO Duplicate Bill Website being managed by PITC. Enter your reference number.

Where to Find the Reference Number?

In the “Reference No” field, enter your reference number.

If you don’t know your reference number, you can find it on your printed bill copy. Look for an old printed bill.

The reference number will be printed in the top section of the bill. It’s a 14 digit number and doesn’t have any alphabets. Only numbers!

When you have entered the reference number, click on “Submit” button.

Your bill will show up on the screen (see Figure 4). Click on the Print Bill button present on the very top.

Figure 4: MEPCO Duplicate Bill. To print, click on Print Bill button

How to Download or Print MEPCO Duplicate Bill?

It will open a dialog box (see Figure 5). This is how it looks like in the Google Chrome browser. If you are using some other browser, it might look different.

Saving MEPCO Duplicate Bill Uncheck headers and footers check box
Figure 5: Saving MEPCO Duplicate Bill.

Select the Destination as Save as PDF. This option will save the bill as a PDF file on your computer.

If you have a working printer connected with your computer, you can choose it from the Destination options list. In that case, the duplicate bill will not be saved on your computer. It will just get printed on the paper.

Select your paper size. I’ve selected A4 size.

Uncheck Headers and footers check box.

Click on the Save button. If you did select your printer earlier, this button will be named PRINT.


If you need to download or print a duplicate copy of your MEPCO bill online, then you only need your reference number. You will visit the MEPCO website, click on the “Duplicate Bills for Consumers” text box. This will open a new website managed by PITC. You will enter your reference number and click on the submit button.

If you faced any problem or have other questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll answer as soon as possible.

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