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WirelessNetView app for Windows is a very useful free little app (only 59 kbytes) to check many Wi-Fi related things such as available Wi-Fi networks, their SSIDs, their signal strengths, and their channel numbers.

You can also click on the WiFi icon in the system tray and check many of these things, but it doesn’t tell you the channel numbers of WiFi networks and also doesn’t show signal strength in percentages.

For these reasons, I use the WirelessNetView app. It even works on Windows XP.

You can download the portable version of this app from here.

Extract the downloaded zip file and double-click on the WirelessNetView.exe executable file. The app will launch quickly.

Extracted zip archive of portable WirelessNetView App for windows
Figure 1: WirelessNetView executable file

WirelessNetView App

Main window of WirelessNetView app
Figure 2: WirelessNetView Main Window

No further settings need to be done. Required information will be just in front of you. The list of networks gets updated every 10 seconds.

If you want to see the signal strength of your WiFi connection, look at the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) column. The less the negative value, the better the signal strength. For example, -58 is better than -95. If the RSSI of a WiFi network is -95, you can’t even connect to it.

More networks around you using the same channel result in network congestion. If you see too many networks using the same channel number as you, change your channel number. You can do that by restarting your router.

When you restart your router, it looks at all the channel numbers of all the networks around it and uses the channel which is least used.

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