Tax on Mobile Load in Pakistan

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the tax on mobile load in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan keeps changing the tax rates on mobile load also known as easy load all too frequently. The telecom operators’ website designs also keep changing. So, it becomes even more difficult to keep track of all changes.

I keep forgetting these rates so I’m writing this post.

Withholding Tax on Mobile Load in Pakistan

Today, the government of Pakistan charges 15% Withholding Tax (WHT) also known as Advance Income Tax (AIT) on each mobile load. The Gilgit Baltisan is exempted from this tax.

A few years back, the telecom operators would also charge a service fee on each mobile load. It was probably 4%. Back then the withholding tax used to be around 10%. So you would get Rs. 85 or Rs. 86 on each mobile load.

Today telecom operators no longer charge this service fee.

General Sales Tax

Besides that, you also pay the General Sales Tax (GST) on each phone call, SMS, and usage of internet data. The GST in Islamabad Capital Territory is 15% and is 0% in Gilgit Baltisan. The rest of Pakistan has GST at 19.5%.

Let’s look at Jazz website. Here is what Jazz has written on its General Terms and Conditions web page.

taxes on mobile load in pakistan jazz
Figure 1: Taxes on usage and mobile load as seen on Jazz website

Here is what Telenor says on its website.

taxes on mobile load in pakistan telenor regional tax
Figure 2: Taxes on usage and mobile recharge as seen on Telenor website


You pay a whopping 34.5% tax on usage of mobile phone services in Pakistan. Having a mobile phone isn’t even a luxury, yet you pay so much tax. Telecom operators used to deduct a service or maintenance fee a few years back. Now they don’t charge any kind of service fee.

I’ll continue updating this post as tax rates change in the future.

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